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Dry Ridge/Verge System

Fed up with having to repeatedly re-point your verges and ridges? Dry Ridge and Verge installations provide the only permanent maintenance free solution to the problem. We fit the latest uPVC Verge/Ridge systems, suitable for weather-proofing all types of tiled and ridges.

  • Mortar-less ridge tiles & verges
  • Our Dry Fix System ventilates your roof
  • Neat, attractive appearance
  • No more cracked cement or fall out
  • Prevents entry of birds or large insectsHelps to stop water ingress
  • Complies fully with relevant British Standard BS5534
  • Used in conjunction with your existing ridge verge tiles

Traditional Mortar Bedding is still the most widely used fixing method in England and Wales, compared to Scotland where currently 80% of all verges aremechanically fixed. However, the increased incidence of storms over the last fewyears has clearly highlighted the unreliability or mortar to secure the tiles. Theswitch to dry verge is gathering momentum every year. With all the advantages it is not difficult to see why.


British Standards state that no reliance should be placed on the shear strengthof mortar used in the filling and bedding. Mortar will eventually crack, in contrast,Dry Verges are mechanically fixed and each unit individually screwed. With the next unit interlocking giving extra strength and hiding the screws offering themaximum protection against strong wind and water penetration giving you a long term protection with a neat, attractive appearance and with none of the ongoing costs associated with mortar.